BLIA History Project


The Bay Lake Improvement Association History Project is nearly complete.  We have completed histories for about 80% of the lake. Approximately 400 Bay Lake residents now have their Shoreline History Books. Four shorelines remain open (see below).

If you want to coordinate an open shoreline, this Bay Lake History FAQ link will take you to a fairly extensive list of frequently asked questions.

Click here for a short list of suggested books on Bay Lake Area History.

BLIA History Initiative Shoreline Coordinators (August 20, 2016):

North Shore East of Ruttger’s/North Bay (Done 2011)
               Wally & Cecy Faster
               Jim & Faye Ysseldyke

Battle Point (Done 2009)
               Peter & Jan Strand
               Dave Johnston (Advisor)
               Harry Wareham (Advisor) 

Tame Fish (Open)
Brighton Point/White Hawk/ Wakeman Road (Done 2009)
                Carol & Gary Malek                            
                Elsie & Jack Strobel                            
                Tom & Nancy Jann                             
                Joyce & Wayne Kohnen                   
                Connie & Hal Olson                           

Woodland Beach East (Greg Rd, Sand Beach Park, WBE)(Done 2010)
                Mary & Dean Swanson
                Dave & Mary Twomey
                Marshall & Marcia Anderson           
                Meredith & Jerry Poland             
                George & Mary Lu Hansen
                Leigh & Bernie Paulsen

Woodland Beach Association (Done 2008)
                Greg & Diane Meyer                          
                Nancy & Tim Herberg                        
                Barb Gillard                                          
                Julie & Bob Haben                              
                Jane & Phillip Rollins                         

Echo Bay NE (Done 2009)
                Audrey & Art Bruning                       

Pleasant Shores  (Done 2009)
               Sylvia & Arnie Graff                           

Echo Bay SE (Wild Bird Lane) (Done 2013)
               John & Jean Hedberg                         

Echo Bay East of Oaks (Evergreen Tr) (Done 2013)
                Sandy Commers                          
                Herb Kahler (Advisor)                       

Echo Bay West of Oaks (Bluffside Rd) (Done 2009)
                Carrie Johnson                                    
                Joanne Jochum                                    

Echo Bay West of Oaks (Bayview) (Open)          

Echo Bay SW/Gray's Shore (Done 2010)
                Margaret & Tom Lunacek                 
                Tom & Donna Murphy 

Birkeland’s (Done 2009)
                Ruth Ann & Jon Wefald 

Hunter’s Bay Point  (Done 2007)
               Paul & Sue Erickson                           

Scotland Shores / Eaglewood Bay (Open)                  

Eaglewood Association (Done 2011)
               Rick Gustafson
               George & Joan Johnson
               Becky & Mark Roloff                         
               Betty & Meritt Marquardt                 

Bay Lake Shores (Done 2012)
               Barb & Chris Anderson  
               Dianne Goolsbee   
               Dave & Nancy Ness  

Doty’s Addition   (Done 2009)          
                Don & Carolyn Hardle                       
                Dale & Vi Klungness
                Barb J. Anderson                                                               

Cottage Hill Rd/Indian Point (Done 2011)
                Jennifer Miller
                Tamera Johnson
                Laurie Busyn

Pioneer Bay (Open)                                        

Railroads and Mining (Done 2010)
               Jim Nelson and Paul Erickson