BLIA History Project FAQ

Committee Chair: Paul Erickson, email: ericksonpaulsue@aol.com

Bay Lake History Project Frequently Asked Questions

What are our objectives?

  1. To document historical information pertaining to Bay Lake for the use of Bay Lake residents.
  2. To strengthen our community by building personal relationships and developing a basic understanding of the history of Bay Lake.

What will be included?

Previously documented historical information and resident (and former resident) submissions.

 What is the role of a Shoreline History Coordinator?

Coordinate a Shoreline History Initiative on their shoreline.  (See “Suggested Steps to Coordinating a Successful Shoreline History Initiative”)

Who can be a Shoreline History Coordinator?

Any resident or team of residents. 

What are the likely costs of a Shoreline Initiative and who pays for it?

The shoreline initiatives to date have incurred a cost of $15-30/cabin. 

The primary costs are postage, printing, materials (binders, paper and envelopes) and the completion party.

The Bay Lake Improvement Association will provide 50/50 reimbursement of up to $10/cabin (If the initiative costs $15/cabin BLIA will reimburse $7.50 times the number of cabins on the shoreline.  If the cost is $20/cabin or more, BLIA will reimburse $10.00 times the number of cabins.).

It’s up to the shoreline to determine how they will fund their initiative (beyond the BLIA reimbursement).

What should be included in an individual property/family history submission?

Historical Background:

-List the names of the original homesteader(s) and/or early residents. If possible, get the information from the abstract.  Abstracts list more than just sales. Just list the names and dates involved when ownership transferred.

Here is an example of how abstract information can be listed:

1864 US Government to NPRR
1885 NPRR to Weyerhaeuser
1899 Weyerhaeuser to G.A. & M.E. Hunt
1945 G.A. & M.E. Hunt to XYZ Development Co
1950 XYZ Development Co to John Doe
1960 John Doe to ………..

Our Story:

This is the “factual” part of your personal story.  It can be long and detailed or short and sweet.  

Information you may want to include:
      -Who (in the family) originally purchased the property and when.
      -What was their story (where they came from, were educated, married, etc).
      -Why they decided to buy lake property.
      -Why they purchased property on Bay Lake.
      -If the property has been handed down, who subsequently owned it and when.
-If other family members owned Bay Lake property (either before or while you lived here) list their names and stories.
      -If a family member married another Bay Lake resident, mention the name and location.
Also information pertaining to the property/structure:

            -If the property was undeveloped, when did you build.
            -Whether there were subsequent additions (when and who did the work).
            -Whether you bought or sold additional Bay Lake property (and when).

Our Memories:

This is the “fun” part of your submission.  Stories to include could be:
      -Visits to friend’s cabins on Bay Lake before you became owners.
      -Initial “adventures” (roughing it, etc).
      -Particularly fun visitors.
      -Favorite family gatherings.
      -Special events
      -Getting Poison Ivy, etc.
      -Winter time visits.
      -Friendships and relationships you developed with other Bay Lakers.
      -Memories related to the environment (lake, forest, animals, birds, etc).
-What boats did you have and when?  (Note: Separately we are gathering information regarding the “historical boats” that are (or have been) on Bay Lake.  Your Shoreline Coordinator has a Boat Survey for you to complete.  “Historical boats” aren’t just 50 year old inboards.  Your boat was special to you.  List it.)
-Consider including pictures.

Who Will Get Copies Of My Submission?

Individual family submissions will be included in the Shoreline Hostory Book for that particular shoreline. Submissions will not be reprinted by BLIA without prior authorization. If you have privacy concerns, edit your submission. Save the complete version for your family. give the edited version to your Shoreline History Coordinator for the book.